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The travel and events industries have responded positively to recent news on progress COVID-19 vaccine trials. Venues are re-opening and operators are sharing their plans on how they plan to keep their visitors safe.

We wanted to consider the extent to which travel and experience consumers share this optimism. Our data was collected in November 2020 from a global audience (53% North America, 23% Asia Pacific, 14% Europe, Middle East and Africa & 10% Latin America). …

Photo by Atlas Green

Many big brands recognise that consumers increasingly value experiences over products and are starting to extend their own value proposition by adding new opportunities to engage. Access to ticketed events is an obvious choice for many, well within stretching distance of their own brand, but historically that has meant a lot of heavy lifting for internal teams.

Tickitto’s mission is to provide fast, easy access to the world’s best events, so it’s our job to reduce that strain. With the help of Tickitto’s technical guru Elie Hamouche, Our CEO Dana Lattouf provides an overview of how we do that, focusing…

Developing a structured response to the changes coming to digital marketing will present an interesting challenge. Here we investigate ways to prepare.

It’s been ten years since Game of Thrones first aired and it seemed like a fitting backdrop to some interesting changes coming to the way digital marketers are going to be able to access customers in the future.

McKinsey & Co recently published an insightful and interesting review on what it refers to as the impending ‘profound and abrupt shift’ for the $150bn dollar digital advertising industry, which is based, in significant part, on accessing customers via third-party…


At Tickitto, we offer the most intuitive API for accessing tickets to experiences around the world.

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